Social Emotional Book Bundle: Feelings, As We Grow by Libby Walden & Kindness Grows by Britta Teckentrup
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Social Emotional Book Bundle: Feelings, As We Grow by Libby Walden & Kindness Grows by Britta Teckentrup

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Preorder. Little ones will be grasping with social and emotional intelligence as they grow. These books are perfect to help them understand various types of emotions as they grow, suitable for little ones aged 3 and above.

Feelings: Inside my Heart and Inside my Head by Libby Walden
Little ones at approximately 3 years old will begin to identify and need help to figure out how to to manage them, express themselves, adapt their emotions to their environment. This emotional literacy is an important life skill for them.

This lovely book talks about various emotions from excitement, fear, embarressment, loneliness and happiness. It also explains to little children that often, what we appear on the outside may differ from what's happening deep within. Feelings may not be visible but an important part of who we are.

Inside my heart and in my head, all kinds of feelings dwell.
As they spark and bounce around I fall under their spell.
Sometimes I want to cry and stomp and really cause a scene
and other times I laugh and smile-what do these feelings mean?

What you feel is who you are... Explore a world of emotions with this stunning peep-through picture book. Richard Jones' enchanting illustrations and the lyrical text make each and every feeling come to life to help children understand the emotions they experience.

With cut out and illustrative emotions, this book puts feelings into words with rhyming text and metaphors. A keeper on your home book shelves!

Kindness Grows by Britta Teckentrup
Award-winning Britta Teckentrup did it again, a delightful read that promotes friendship, kindness and unity. One of our favourite children's book writer encourages little ones to think of others and positively promotes inclusion in this thought provoking book.

Amongst the intrigue of the intricate die cuts, the flowing rhythmic text and the collaged illustrations, you have a book with real substance. It’s a book that is thought provoking and one I would suggest would be a great addition to a library including those in learning settings.

It all starts with a crack that we can hardly see,
It happens when we shout or if we disagree.
But with every kindness that we care to show,
Something good and magical then begins to grow...

Angry words cause a crack to open up, but find out what happens when kindness begins to blossom.

As We Grow by Libby Walden
A simple and meaningful story with water colours illustration and die-cut. Little ones can embark on the journey of transformation and learn about each stage of life that all of us undergo as we grow up.

The lyrical rhyming text in this stunning thought provoking picture book, illustrated by Richard Jones' enchanting illustrations is a great addition to your home bookshelf.

No one knows what lies ahead
or who they'll grow to be,
It's all a part of growing up -
the journey to be me...


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