Nevada Mint Green Hexagon 5-sided Teepee
Nevada Mint Green Hexagon 5-sided Teepee
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Nevada Mint Green Hexagon 5-sided Teepee

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The teepee tent is the perfect fun hideout for children. Perfect for the house, apartment, patio, balcony or pool side, this playful teepee tent will be a much loved addition to your home. Decorate it with cushions, it's awesome for a little sleep or a read. Comes with a peek-a-boo window. The 'door' can be tied back for a open look. Quality canvas teepee tent with frame poles only. Self assembly. Hexagon shaped within. Mint green. Suitable for more than 1 child. Material: Wood + Canvas. Smaller version available for 1 child (Circumference/Diameter: 100 - 120cm)

Hexagon 5 sided
Can accommodate 2 adults + 1 child and children above 1.3m
Height: 165cm when installed
Length x width x diameter of teepee when installed: 110 x 110 x 150cm
Teepee Box: 92.5 x 15 x13cm

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