[PO] Magtelier 106-pc Ball Run with Clear Tubes
[PO] Magtelier 106-pc Ball Run with Clear Tubes
[PO] Magtelier 106-pc Ball Run with Clear Tubes
[PO] Magtelier 106-pc Ball Run with Clear Tubes
Fifth Avenue Kids

[PO] Magtelier 106-pc Ball Run with Clear Tubes

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Preorder. Our new clear pipes with coloured tiles set will arrive early June.

Design to encourage imagination and inspire open-ended play, build, play and learn for hours, this is the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for both boys and girls.

106-pc ball run set includes:
32 x Square Track Tiles, 12 x U-Turns, 14 x Quarter Round Turns, 4 x Long Straight Slides, 20 x Short Straight Slides, 12 x Slopes/Long Slides, 2 x Spinning Funnel Trays, 8 x Balls, 2 Domes

Our ball run pack comes with clear tiles, vibrant colours and round ball clicks in which is perfect for little hands and less breakable. We are replacing all our curved line click ins with this new magnetic ball run set with stronger squares tiles and better quality tubes.

Our versatile magnetic ball run is scalable and can only be integrated with similar click-ins. (Not compatible with learn & grow or connetix ball run pipes but can be combined with magnetic tiles from each set to form structures.) However, magnetic Tiles are compatible with Playmags Magna-tiles Connetix Picasso, Mag Wisdom.

With infinite possibilities, build any tracks they can imagine making a ball run smoothly into a path. Create multi levels track or a collision competition, you decide! Your child can even design animals, castles, robots or any sorts of shapes.

Bundle it with Magtelier Star Diamond Magnetic tiles by Fifth Avenue Kids for more fun!

For wholesale or stockist enquiries, please email us for more details - hello@frockalicious.com

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