Magnetic Tiles & Ball Run

Magnetic tiles are the most played toy amongst friends and family. It will be your best open-ended toy investment ever, lasts you from age of 2 till they grow. Bring more fun by expanding your magnetic tiles set with magnetic ball runs, adults will fall in love and get hooked to this STEM toy, we guarantee! 

Our curated brands of magnetic tiles comes with bigger, stronger magnets (Supermags for Playmags) for building bigger structures and longer lasting play, clearer tiles for greater refraction and colours. All secured with ultrasonic welding and reinforced rivets for added safety. Compatible with most major brands such as Playmags, Magna-Tiles, Connetix, Picasso

Magtelier - our in-house magnetic tiles comes with either a beautiful bevelled star design or bevelled diamond design. More resistant to scratches compared to other magnetic tiles. Plus, the diamond and star gives a beautiful refraction and glitters like diamond when light shines upon it.