Which brand of Magnetic Tiles Toy should you buy?

Attractiles Connetix Mag Wisdom Magna Tiles Magnetic Tiles Magtelier Tiles Picasso Tiles Playmags

With so many brands in the market, that's often the first question you have. After all, it is not a cheap investment. Getting it right will save you money without the need to buy from another brand or kids feeling frustrated while building.

Magnetic Tiles is the number 1 most played toy in the house, kids and adults included. We owned and played with quite a few different brands from Playmags, Magna-Tiles, Connetix, Attractiles, Mag Wisdom and Picasso Tiles. 

Take a look at the features comparison amongst Attactiles, Connetix, Playmags, Magna Tiles, Picasso & Magtelier:

Comparison of features among Attactiles, Connetix, Playmags, Magna Tiles, Picasso & Magtelier

Number of Tiles in each Magnetic Tiles set amongst Attactiles, Connetix, Playmags, Magna Tiles, Picasso & Magtelier:

Tiles Comparison amongst Magnetic Tiles Brands

Advantages & Disadvantages amongst Attactiles, Connetix, Playmags, Magna Tiles, Picasso & Magtelier:

We chose to stock Playmags when we first decided to share this STEM toy with parents at our online store. Why? Playmags come with stronger magnets and that attracted us as a strong selling point as it allows us to build taller, bigger, hardy structures.

Playmags Playmags Not so perfect dodecagon


Fast forward 2 years later, new brand players appeared in the market, including our Magtelier Diamond Magnetic Tiles by Fifth Avenue Kids and the latest, newest Star Diamond Magnetic Tiles.

With magnets as strong as Playmags, and other attractive benefits including asthetics, versatility, less scratches and lighter weight, it became a natural progression for us to stock what we love and the best for our customers. 

We have 2 different designs under Magtelier by Fifth Avenue Kids. 

Our customised 100 piece set is perfect if you want an assortment of shapes that is more balanced. It includes large squares and 2 connecting car bases. With 10 different shapes that can be combine to unlimited imaginations for newbies or add on to any other magnetic tiles or ball run sets that you owned! 

The bevelled diamond design is perfect if you like your tiles with less scratches and vivid, clearer coloured tiles under sunlight for a better translucent stunning reflection on the ground. With stronger magnets and lighter weight at 5-6g per tile, little children can also connect the tiles to bigger structures with other sets that you own. Secured with ultrasonic welding and reinforced rivets for added safety. 

This set has the best magnetic tiles configuration for open-ended play. Design to encourage imagination and inspire open-ended play, build, play and learn for hours, this is the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for both boys and girls. 

With bigger, stronger magnets and bigger squares perfect for building bigger structures, the magnetic tiles are also secured with food grade ABS plastic, ultrasonic welding and reinforced rivets for added safety. The beautiful bevelled star design is stronger and more resistant to scratches compared to other magnetic tiles. Plus you get a perfect dodecagon with the isoceles triangles unlike other brands. The star diamond design also gives a beautiful refraction and glitters like diamond when light shines upon it.

Perfect Dodecagon

Plus, fans who love pretty pastel colours will love our upcoming Pastel collection, launching in May 2021. Enjoy an attractive prelaunch promo price when you place your preorder from March to end April!

Magtelier Magnetic tiles by Fifth Avenue Kids are compatible with most major brands like Playmags, Picasso, Connetix, Mag Wisdom, Attractiles and Magna Tiles. (Although the window tiles will not fit the click ins from Playmags). Not compatible with Magformers.

Join us in our next blog post for more pictures on tiles comparison between various brands.

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