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The debut picture book from Carson Ellis, exploring the concept of different homes around the globe. A gorgeous illustrated children's book, perfect for a beautiful shelfie and montessori activities. We borrowed the english version from the National Library in Singapore, to complement it with our chinese edition of "Home" or "家" while reading out aloud with the toddler. And of course, we are selling the mandarin version on our website simply cos this book is too lovely and simple to read.

Home by Carson Ellis

One of the New York Times’ Children’s Picture Books Best Sellers. Discover homes from real life to imagination, from conventional homes to the home of a mythical Norse God, a fictional shoe house, campervan, palaces, wigwams, on boats, on buses or even belonging to the animals, clean or messy.

"Home is an apartment"

"Home is an apartment"

"Home of a raccoon or an artist"

"A comparison of opposites - clean vs messy; tall vs short"

A book to inspire discussion, dive into your wildest imagination, for montessori activities such as an activity basket of blocks or drawing. Explore the homes around you through walks. This book is also half-hidden with delightful details. We would even encourage to buy both the English and Chinese edition for bilingual teaching. 

Rating: 5/5 - an absolute delight that even the adults will enjoy!

You can purchase a copy of the Chinese edition of "Home" here

And the english version on Amazon or Book Depository

Or be like us, borrow from the National Library (Call number: Junior Lending Picture Book, ELL)!

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