An Essential Checklist to prepare for your baby's arrival

Baby Checklist for baby's arrival

Been looking forward to finally meet your baby? Before their arrival, here's a compiled checklist to help you prepare. You will find a list of essentials vs nice-to-have but not really required.


Baby's Nursery


  • Baby’s Cot
  • Mattress
  • Mattress Protector
  • Cot sheets
  • Sleepbag/sack
  • Swaddles/Muslin swaddles (We recommend Love to Dream zip swaddles with allowances for arms!)
  • Bouncer
  • Baby gym/mat

Nice-to-have but not necessary

  • Hanging mobile for cot
  • Cocoon from Red Castle
  • ​Baby Monitor (You can also get a cheap cctv camera rather than a branded baby monitor, these usually comes with a mobile app that you can monitor from on your phone)​
  • Changing table 
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Armchair for you to breastfeed comfortably
  • Nursing pillow (We recommend Boppy which is a lot easier to use and multipurpose for tummy time, sitting up, etc)
  • Rocker (if you prefer over a bouncer)



  • ​Gel pads (hot and cold) to relieve sore nipples
  • Double breast pump (Spectra or Cimilre)
  • Milk bags
  • Nipple cream to ease the pain ​
  • ​Nursing pads (Lansinoh is thicker for mummies with plenty of milk)​
  • ​Front button clothing for easy breast feeding ​
  • Cotton balls
  • Disposable panties
  • Sanitary pads
    ​ for heavy flow​
  • Bedroom slippers

Daily Essentials

  • Changing mat
  • Diapers (We love g.oon!)
  • Cream to prevent nappy rash (We recommend desitin, you will need plenty)
  • Baby Wipes (Pigeon moisturiser wipes are good for delicate newborn babies)
  • Yu Yee Oil for wind
  • Gripe water for wind
  • Nail clippers
  • Nose cleaner (we recommend pigeon)
  • Thermometer
  • ​Baby washing detergent​

Dress Up

  • Kimono tops for first month (newborn's head is soft and fragile, this will help you a lot)
  • 4 x ​Pyjamas - long sleeves (We love cute Carter designs)​
  • ​7 x Onesies/rompers (​We find that it is easier to carry the baby around with this one piece suit compared to a dress or a 2 pc)
  • ​2 x ​Mittens (to prevent them from scratching their face)​
  • ​2 x Bootees (to keep their feet warm)​

Baby Bath

  • Face towel
  • Bath towel
  • Bath tub
  • Baby Wipes
  • Bath mat
  • Bath sponge or muslin wash cloth
  • Baby shower gel/soap (We like Cetaphil)
  • Baby shampoo (We like Cetaphil)
  • Cotton buds ​/balls​
  • Tissue paper

Nice-to-have but not necessary

  • Bath toys (for later when baby can sit in tub)

Care of the Umbilical Cord Stump

  • Cotton balls or swabs to clean with just water, there is no need for oil

Feeding Baby


  • ​Milk powder stage 1 (for mummies whose breastmilk comes later, having this in place will ensure you do not panic or stress if your milk does not come immediately)
  • Milk bottles & small sized teats
  • Bottle scrub brush
  • Warmer cum carrier bag
  • ​Bibs​
  • Large pan/pot (for sterilising)6-Bottle Electric Steam Steriliser (optional)
  • Milk containers
  • ​Baby & Accessories Cleanser
  • ​Thermal bottle (to keep warm water)


Baby on the go


  • Stroller/pram
  • Baby carrier
  • Car seat
  • Changing mat

Nice-to-have but not necessary

  • ​Hat​
  • Diaper bag to keep all the essentials



  • Highchair (for much later)

Nice-to-have but not necessary

  • Playpen (for much later)​
  • Stairgates​ (for much later)​
  • Rubber protectors (for much later)​
  • Toys & Playstuff​​
  • Rattle
  • ​Soft books​

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